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Coach Sposato's bar-b-queing fundamentals and recipes on this page can be downloaded for FREE, complements of the Coach. You can read and print them using Adobe Reader (which you can also get for free) at .



Bar-b-queing basics for grilling and smoking, along with food safety, download Coach Sposato's BarBQue Fundamentals 1.pdf



Shoulder pork with Coach Sposato's Bar-B-Que Sauce, download Coach Sposato's BarBQue Pork.pdf



Chicken with squash served over rice, download Coach Sposato's Chicken Kabobs 1.pdf



If you have a question about a recipe or want to give us feedback about Coach Sposato's Bar-B-Que Sauce, please go to our Hey Coach! (Contact us) page. We want to hear from you!


Chicken sweet and sour with green peppers, download Coach Sposato's Chicken Kabobs 2.pdf


Baked beans, Diced potatoes, Corn and Black Bean salsa, download Coach Sposato's BarBQue Extras.pdf


A spice rub and lemony baste, download
Coach Sposato's BarBQue Rub and Baste.pdf


Paste recipes to use on a piece of pork or the whole hog, download Coach Sposato's BarBQue Pork Pastes 1.pdf



Using Coach Sposato's Bar-B-Que Sauce on ribs, chicken, and beef



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