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About Coach Sposato and his family



  Jim Sposato (Coach) was born April 12, 1943, in Brooklyn, New York, to his mother Elizabeth and father Vincent. He is the second born of twelve children five boys, and seven girls.

  His family moved from Brooklyn to Tulsa, Oklahoma, when he was only three years old. Tulsa is where his mother was born and raised. His father Vincent was a first generation American born to Italian immigrants. Life in this family was very colorful, animated, and busy as you might imagine. No matter how busy they always made time for family, and food played an important roll in family life. Vincent celebrated his birthday each year by barbequing a huge meal for family, and friends. These family celebrations helped to foster Jimís interest in BBQ.

  Jim attended college in Tulsa. Marrying soon after college he, and his wife raised a small family of only a half dozen children.  Jim has taught and coached for over forty years at various schools in Arkansas and Oklahoma. He has shared his love of sports with many over the years, and proudly brags,  ďIíve been in school all of my life." He also tells others ďI will retire when I canít find the gym any more.Ē   

  Jim has continued with the family barbeque tradition. He has made many home batches of BBQ sauce for family and friends. When the demand for sauce became too great, he decided to bottle it at House of Webster.

  During the early 1990ís Jim began going to barbeque contests where he has won many competitions with his sauce, and cooking. He has the den, bookcases, and closets full of trophies and awards won during competition.

  Jim and his wife Helen do local BBQ catering. They also provide BBQ meals for churches, Arkansas University, and various other charitable organizations. The university students have decided they want to put one of Coach Sposatoís Bar-B-Que Sauce bottles in their fifty-year time capsule.

  Jim says he may have to retire someday just to catch up with things at home like fixing fences for his newly acquired Highland cattle--that is over sixty acres of fences. The Highland cattle wonít be on the menu as his wife says she canít eat anything she has a relationship with.



Coach Sposato and the Whole Hog! That's a LOT of sauce!

Coach Sposato and the Whole Hog! That's a LOT of Coach's Bar-B-Que Sauce!!









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